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Support in the learning process

Assistance from specialists
personal assistant, sign language interpreter, stenographer, orientation trainer

Personal assistant for persons with disabilities

The main objective of the personal assistant service is to facilitate independent and active functioning of persons with disabilities in the academic life of SWPS University. Personal assistance service is understood as the provision of assistance in performing activities that the applicant is unable to undertake independently, and which are necessary to ensure full participation in the educational process. The personal assistant services are provided only when the person with a disability is present in class.

The scope of the personal assistant service includes:

  • taking notes during classes
  • assistance in moving around SWPS University
  • help in the library, photocopying or digitizing class materials
  • assistance during visits to other offices of the University, i.e. Center for Student Affairs or Admissions
  • support during training sessions and conferences organized by SWPS University

Sign language interpreter

If you are deaf or hard of hearing, you may apply for a sign language interpreter or stenographer who will translate the content of lectures, classes and tutorials or take notes for you. You can suggest a specific person to be your interpreter or stenographer. If there is no such person in your environment, the university will attempt to find an interpreter for you.

The scope of the interpreter's service includes:

  • interpreting the content of classes included in the study program into sign language
  • interpreting content delivered during consultations with the teaching staff, in particular during examinations and final tests
  • individual work with the person with disabilities involving interpreting in other situations as necessary to ensure full participation in the education process at SWPS University


The primary objective of the assistance of a stenographer is to facilitate the participation of persons with disabilities in classes taking place in SWPS University. The service of a stenographer is understood as real-time transcription of text on a computer during lectures, classes, tutorials or seminars included in the curriculum of a given academic year.

The scope of stenographer’s service includes:

  • accurate reproduction of what the instructor or other participants say (in the case of persons with hearing disabilities)
  • preparation of class notes (for persons who cannot write independently due to disability)

Spatial orientation trainer

If you are blind or visually impaired and need help familiarizing yourself with the university grounds or the route between your home and the university, SWPS University can arrange for training with an instructor for you. Classes in the scope of this training are individual and have the form of ad-hoc assistance.

Psychological support

Free counselling

If you cannot cope with the stress associated with the burdens of studying, the thought of the upcoming examinations makes you anxious, you would like to increase the effectiveness of your studies, you experience difficulties adapting to a new environment, or you have suddenly found yourself in a difficult situation and have no one to share your problems with, you are welcome to take advantage of professional psychological support free of charge. Persons with a disability certificate are entitled to 12 free sessions with a qualified psychologist or psychotherapist. Other students may also take advantage of psychological counselling with one free session guaranteed.

Curriculum modifications

Polish language course instead of a foreign language course for deaf students

Polish for deaf persons is often a foreign language. Deaf students may apply to complete a Polish language course instead of a course in a foreign language, which is granted on the basis of an individual decision. Polish language classes are conducted by experienced teachers who know the Polish sign language. Classes are held in small groups with the use of the latest multimedia equipment and an e-learning platform.

PE classes in the form of e-learning

An important help for all students, including those with disabilities, is the ability to pass physical education classes in the form of e-learning. This allows all students to learn more about healthy eating and positive attitudes to life, even if they are not able to actively participate in P.E. classes. Students may also choose to complete PE by participating in basketball, volleyball, judo, self-defense, or ballroom dancing classes, or participate in other forms of physical activity - in which case they only need to submit a certificate afterwards. Remember, you decide what classes you will participate in!

Individual mode of passing examinations

In justified cases, students with disabilities may request a change in the method of participation in written assessment tasks. The goal is to level the playing field for all students while maintaining strict adherence to the content requirements of the given course. Individual assessment tasks are carried out in a separate room and at the same time as the tests taken by the remaining students. Health leave with the possibility to complete selected courses. Health leave is granted in accordance with the Study Regulations and allows you to follow part of the curriculum for a given year or semester of study even during intensive treatment or physical therapy.

Extension of BA or MA seminar

You have the opportunity to extend your undergraduate of graduate seminar due to disability.

Other forms of support

Special equipment for rental

If you need portable equipment to process materials for use during your courses (e.g., laptop, voice recorder, portable magnifying glass), please contact the Centre for Accessibility and University Events - Office for Students with Disabilities (room no. 004) and let them know what specific equipment you need. The university may subsequently buy the equipment and lend it to you, for example for the duration of a semester.

Currently, we have professional voice recorders, laptops, screen readers, lightweight notebooks, and magnifying glasses.

Photocopying notes and class materials

If you have difficulty taking notes during lectures due to your disability, you may request the right to have notes photocopied free of charge from other students who agree to share their materials with you.

Persons with hearing or mobility impairments (in the case hand disorders make it impossible or very difficult to take notes independently) may apply for free photocopying of notes.