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SWPS University Senate Appoints Two Honorary Members

SWPS University Senate Appoints Two Honorary Members

During the April 28th meeting, the Senate of SWPS University appointed two renowned Polish psychologists, Professor Andrzej Eliasz and Professor Jan Strelau as its Honorary Members. Thanks to the outstanding leadership of Professor Eliasz, the founder and the first Rector of SWPS University, our school achieved a status of the first private university in Poland, in 2015. The other nominee, Professor Strelau, was the first Dean of the Faculty of Psychology at SWPS University and he also served as Vice-Rector for Research, for many years.

The Recommendation

The motion to appoint Professors Eliasz and Strelau as Honorary Members of the Senate was put forward by Professor Dariusz Doliński, Chair of the Honorary Degrees and Recognition Committee. In his recommendation, Professor Doliński highlighted numerous contributions to science and to SWPS University that both nominees made over the years. In his recommendation, the Chairman of the Committee emphasized that Professor Eliasz was one of the top Polish psychologists. His research, published both in Poland and internationally, had contributed significantly to the understanding of the role of individual differences in human behavior.

“For everyone at SWPS University, Professor Andrzej Eliasz occupies a very special place. His hard work for the past 20 years, his adherence to the highest academic standards and his persistence have made it possible for our school to achieve the status of the first (and so far the only) private university in Poland, on June 1, 2015”, said Professor Doliński.

“Professor Jan Strelau is one of the best known Polish scientists in the world”, continued Professor Doliński. “His research on psychology of individual differences and the results of his work have been permanently included in the global body of knowledge in the field of psychology. He is one of the most quoted Polish psychologists in the world. In recognition of his research achievements, several universities (including ours) have bestowed the title of doctor honoris causa on Professor Strelau. We cannot forget that SWPS University also owes its current position to the multiple contributions of Professor Strelau.”

The current Rector of SWPS University, Associate Professor Roman Cieślak, presented both nominees with customary diplomas and flowers, on behalf of the University Senate.

Unique Environment at SWPS University

In his acceptance speech, Professor Jan Strelau noted that sharing the ceremony with his first doctoral student and a colleague of many years, Professor Andrzej Eliasz, made the ceremony extra special. He also highlighted the special working environment at SWPS University. Professor Strelau thanked both the academic and administrative staff for their contribution to the creation of the atmosphere conducive to research and personal development.

strelau hcs

eliasz hcs

Proud of Our University

Professor Eliasz talked about the building blocks of our University: “Following the examples of the best universities in the world, we had created our own innovative solutions that have become a new standard in education. We set our sight on quality, on an interdisciplinary approach, and the best academics.” Professor Eliasz emphasized that his goal was to create a university that would make everyone associated with it proud. “I have been very lucky that I was given an opportunity to work with all of you. With colleagues like you, I had no choice, but to push myself and continuously develop. Thank you”, concluded Professor Eliasz.

We are very privileged to know the people who symbolize science and our university.

Rector Roman Cieślak


eliasz andrzej

Professor Andrzej Eliasz was the first Rector of SWPS University, from 1996 to 2016. Currently he is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the University. Apart form his continuous contributions to the quality of Polish higher education and the development of study programs, he held numerous positions of responsibility, including Deputy Director of the Institute of Psychology at the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN), Chair of the European Association of Personality Psychology, Editor in Chief of Psychological Studies journal, and an editorial consultant of European Journal of Personality Psychology journal. He was also a member of the Board of Conference of Rectors of Academic Schools in Poland (CRASP), advising to the President of the Republic of Poland.

He specializes in psychology of individual differences, the evolution of temperament in human development, and ecological psychology. His studies on temperament, the correlations between temperament and character traits as well as the environment, resulted in the formulation of the Transactional Model of Temperament. The Model has inspired further research on temperament. Professor Eliasz is the author of numerous publications, including: Temperament a system regulacji stymulacji [Temperament and the System of Stimulation Regulation], Ryzyko chorób psychosomatycznych: Środowisko i temperament a wzór zachowania [The Risk of Psychosomatic Disorders: Environment, Temperament and Models of Behavior], and Advances in Research on Temperament.


strelau jan

Professor Jan Strelau joined SWPS University in 2001. He was the first Dean of the Faculty of Psychology. He also held the position of Vice-Rector for Research for ten years. He is a member of The Academy of Europe (Academia Europaea), a full member of the Polish Academy of Sciences, and a foreign member of the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters. He was President of the European Association of Personality Psychology (1984-1988) and of the International Society of Psychology Of Individual Differences (1993-1995), Vice-President of the International Union of Psychological Science (IUPsyS, 1996-2000), and Vice-President of the Polish Academy of Sciences (2002-2006).

Professor Strelau is an expert in psychology of individual differences and is best known for his Regulative Theory of Temperament. He also edited and co-authored, together with Professor Dariusz Doliński, a 3-tome handbook, Psychology (published by Gdańskie Wydawnictwo Psychologiczne in 2000), which received the Teofrast Award, in 2009.

Professor Strelau authored, co-authored and edited close to 300 scientific publications, including 44 books, such as Temperament, Activity, Personality (Academic Press, 1983), Temperament: A Psychological Perspective (Plenum Press, 1998), and Różnice indywidualne. Historia, determinanty, zastosowania [Individual Differences. History, Determinants, Applications] (Scholar, 2014).

His many awards and recognitions include: the Foundation for Polish Science Award (FNP Award), also known as Polish Nobel Prize, and New Europe Prize for Higher Education and Research, jointly administered by six Centers for Advanced Studies, including Stanford, Princeton, North Carolina, NIAS, Uppsala and Berlin. He was granted the title of doctor honoris causa by four universities, including SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities.